Giày Bảo Hộ Pangolin 0389UZGZ

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PU Outsole: Suitable for Chemical, Maintenance, Petro Chemical, Automobile, Food, Drug and Electronic Industries

Pangolin Safety Shoes Qualification

• Genuine Leather thickness 2.0-2.2 mm., durable, long life, thicker than TIS standard 1.8-2.0 mm.

• Special steel toe cap, a force of 200 Jules, EN12568 standard, protects the foot from falling objects.

• EPOXY coated steel toe cap, no rust from water or moisture

• Nonwoven Lining seals with PU insole: special design to relieve shock-absorber from standing or walking on hard surfaces and be removed for cleaning.

• Collar Padding Lining (Cushion Padding)provides comfort when moving.

• PU (Polyurethane) Direct Injection Sole gives light weight, durability and resistance to chemicals, oils and 160 °C heat.

• Direct Injection provides a permanent shape to the leather upper.

• Nitrile Rubber Vulcanized Sole allows resistance to oil, chemical, slip and 350°C heat.

• Cementing Sole gives lightweight, durability and resistance to oil, chemical, slip and 350°C heat.


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