Quần Áo Bảo Hộ Pangolin Ultitec-DRG-R29410 Level A Suit

Mô tả sản phẩm

DRG-R29410 Level A Suit

• External self-contained breathing apparatus the gas-tight

• Innovative suit design for more flexibly and comfortably enter into confined spaces.

• The face cuff offers flexibility when choosing the full face mask.

Reusable Suit: Level A & B

• Protects against cryogenic hazardous substances and low concentrations of acids and alkalis

• UMEX laminates fabric offers excellent movements and flexibility.

• Equipped with a radio pocket and has a gas-tight Polyurethane (PUR) closure system

• The patented glove joint allows gloves to be changed quickly and without tools.

• Safety gloves and safety boots are connected to the suit in a gas-tight manner and can be easily replaced.

• The suit can be easily cleaned and disinfected over its service life of up to ten years.

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