Quần Áo Bảo Hộ Pangolin Ultitec-SULT0500

Mô tả sản phẩm


Disposable Coverall

• Polypropylene materials, lightweight with good ventilation

• Weaving by Spunbond and Melt Blown, soft, strong and durable

• The seams are sewn for strength and over sealed with a chemical proof tape to ensure no penetration of liquid

• Designed elasticated hood, waist& ankles for ease of movement

• Ample crotch avoids pulling rupture when squatting or crawling

• Flap zipper for additional prevention against penetration or permeation

Stitched Seam Reinforced 4-thread overlocked seam offers stronger seam strength and better protection. For model 500, 1000L, 1000FR and 2000.

Stitched with Tape Seam Stitched with chemical barrier tape seam for a higher barrier to particulate and liquid splashes. For model 3000T 4000


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